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There’s nothing I love more than digging deep into the Mystery. Digging into the meaning of what we find ourselves in. Questioning everything I encounter and enjoying the journey I go on as I move through layer after layer towards what rings deep and true in my heart. This may be a life of challenge and difficulty, and yet, due to all the encounters we have during our lives, we come to understand more, gain ever deepening insights, and above … Continue reading

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Human Design as an Invitation to Align With Your Purpose


Before I discovered Human Design a few years ago I used to think that making important decisions effectively and sticking to them was something that lay out of my reach. I kept getting stuck in that loop of making choices in the midst of my excitement only to deeply regret what I had committed to the very next day. I felt as if it was down to pure chance whether or not I had got it right or not. And … Continue reading

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Sharing Our Wisdom With Each Other


I love the way that communication and sharing works in this world. Every single one of us is there to share wisdom with every one else if they are only open to hearing it at all times. And yet, thinking we know better and closed to this flow of wisdom, we often float on by, past some of the most amazing gems that could totally transform our world. But we missed it because we thought we knew best how to … Continue reading

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Giving a Painting a New Face


People who follow my art account on Instagram often comment how amazed they are at how much some of my paintings morph as they come into being. And they’re absolutely right. There’s something absolutely exciting about starting off a painting, creating a base layer to work on. I always know without a doubt that I’m going to be giving it a new face when I return to apply a second layer the next day. But I know that my paintings … Continue reading

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Knowing When to Speak Up and When to Be Silent


No matter what we do in life it only ever comes down to knowing. What we know deep in our heart to do. And that may very often not be the easy option. I know that I have reached a place where I have completely surrendered to what Source is asking of me in terms of how I relate to others. And this means that when I quietly see something with clarity, it is for me to go into my¬† … Continue reading

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Giving Up Perfectionism When Running an Online Shop


I’ve been running online shops for many years and it really has been a rollercoaster of an experience. When I first started out about 11 years ago, things were quite a bit different. To start with, many of these online platforms were much smaller and there weren’t quite so many people competing and jostling to step into the limelight. But I think one of the main differences is that they used to only consider real handmade products from artisans. Today … Continue reading

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Listening to What Others Are Saying to You


It’s come to my notice lately how easy it is for all of us to simply not properly listen to what others are saying. We’re all in this big soup together. Each of us has different interests, qualities, skills, and a different body. And we’re driven forward by what we deeply believe in and somehow just seem to forget that not everyone is going to be as excited about scrapbooking as we are. We let our interests colour our movement, … Continue reading

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Books and Art Tell You When They Want Out to Play


I’ve been learning so much as I bear witness to the writing of the book. The book that I knew I would be writing just after I published my mandala oracle deck 7 years ago. It was stamped clearly in the celestial order form and so it would only be a matter of time.   And so when the whisperings came to me a few weeks ago to just go ahead and get started, that was it. I’ve always known … Continue reading

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The Goodness in Major Life Transition

sea of calm oracle deck fiona stolze

How fitting that I drew this card today on Good Friday. I felt moved to start sharing more of my oracle cards and their messages with you along with my arty projects to give you more of a glimpse into what is happening in my workshop. And so today just seemed to be the perfect day to get the ball rolling. And the first card I drew was Major Life Transition. This image is from a painting I entitled Venus … Continue reading

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It’s All About Vibration


In this world we co-inhabit it’s worthwhile remembering that anyone can share anything. Anything at all. And amidst all the chaos that ensues, it’s important for us all to keep reminding each other that it’s all only about resonance. What vibration are we living? What are we putting out there into this world? Are we all aware that every word we express goes into our world, touching and changing all others in it, near and far? Are we remembering that … Continue reading

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