Many of you will know my extensive silk art offerings but my other love, acrylic painting, would like to step into the spotlight now, too. Here I’m delighted to share with you some of my colourful, abstract works of art which I have painted on stretched canvas, canvas board, and mixed media paper.

I love texture and crazy movement. I also love bright popping colours and multiple layers. And I adore using palette knives and large brushes to let the paints dance on the canvas. It’s amazing how the brushes and paints direct the way as long as I surrender to the guidance being given.

Layering has always been one of my main themes and has always been very evident in my silk art, too. There’s something so satisfying about building up a painting layer by layer, adding more and more colour and allowing the viewer a glimpse of the shades peeping through from the deep.

I’m going to be making my acrylic art available very soon now from this site along with many of my hand painted silk scarves that I still have here in stock. I’ll be creating a small shop here where a selection of my pieces as well as my mandala oracle deck will be on offer. Meantime you can find all my details on my Contact Me page.

Wolf moon abstract acrylic Fiona Stolze

Fiona Stolze base chakra paintingNew Horizons acrylic abstract Fiona Stolze   


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