Knowing When to Speak Up and When to Be Silent

No matter what we do in life it only ever comes down to knowing. What we know deep in our heart to do. And that may very often not be the easy option.

I know that I have reached a place where I have completely surrendered to what Source is asking of me in terms of how I relate to others. And this means that when I quietly see something with clarity, it is for me to go into my  heart and speak the words that convey what wants to be said.


I am talking about those situations where all the stories drop away and I just quietly see something with certainty. An example of this may be – “I see a sandwich on the table in front of me. I just wanted to tell you that because it sounds like you don’t see it and you’re hungry.” Sometimes it is very akin to stating the obvious but it is very needed because there seems to be some glitsch in the matrix at that point. The starving person will be very thankful to have the sandwich pointed out. Once it is pointed out to them, they simply see it whereas they didn’t before. However, if their mind doesn’t allow them to see, no amount of pointing it out is going to make any difference whatsoever. It’s literally pointing to the elephant in the room that no one seems to see or want to see.

Today it can be very difficult to point to something and draw someone’s attention to it, especially if the other person’s wellbeing depends on them not seeing it for whatever reason. We all have filters in place and for reasons we cherish. It’s the glue that holds ourfionastolze reality together. And so if you were to see with clarity that someone is seeking to harm your friend, you would be quick to point it out. However, if your friend has a relationship with that person that hinges on them not looking at this fact (whether conscious or subconscious), then your delivery of this message is potentially going to be met with hostility.

We like to pretend to ourselves that everything is well and that we are surrounded by benefactors that only have our best interests at heart. However, deep down many of us know that we have only set up an arrangement on the surface that makes life easy for us and so we don’t want to even contemplate any darker aspects of what might be involved. We can do this individually or collectively.

And it can be extremely uncomfortable if you have opened your eyes to a reality that many are consciously choosing to look away from. It can be really tough for many to let in the reality of some corporations really only offering services or products due to financial profit and not because they have the general public’s wellbeing at heart. Of course, that’s just one example of countless.

So when I can really sit in stillness and let all possibilities in, consider all options, question everything, sometimes this can be massively humbling. I get to see the scale of my fionastolzeassumptions and my belief systems. And it’s so refreshing to be able to put it all down and awaken to a  new reality. One that is ultimately still an illusion because that’s the nature of our existence here. But every time I know more, it’s like a huge veil gets lifted and I can actually see more clearly. My heart expands in appreciation whenever I let anything new in. And when I encounter other people standing at exactly the same threshold, I quietly and simply share what I know. I say what  needs to be said in that moment. Regardless of the outcome. Regardless of whether or not they want to walk away upset and never speak to me again. I just know to quietly say it anyway and invite them to let it in or not. It’s like passing the baton. In that moment you are being informed that is important for you to just share what you know with this person.

And then there are those moments where I am standing in a situation and see a something unfolding before my eyes. But it just might not be for me to say anything. I don’t ever know what the bigger picture is. I don’t know what trajectory they are moving on. So, if I don’t get that green light going on. If I don’t get that prod from source telling me to just speak, then I don’t. If I don’t know to, I don’t.

But the important thing is to always deliver from a storyless place. To just let your heart speak. Let the words speak themselves. They always know what to do without me getting involved. And then a seed has been planted and you move onto the next.

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