Sharing Our Wisdom With Each Other

I love the way that communication and sharing works in this world. Every single one of us is there to share wisdom with every one else if they are only open to hearing it at all times. And yet, thinking we know better and closed to this flow of wisdom, we often float on by, past some of the most amazing gems that could totally transform our world.

But we missed it because we thought we knew best how to be. We missed the apparently casual remark made by someone on the street. We missed our child’s irritating question when we thought it was more important to be doing something else – a question that would have stopped us in our tracks and caused us to reflect on something major. We missed a really crucial message in the title of a seemingly irrelevant email that we quickly deleted thinking it would be a waste of time to look closer.

And our whole lives can progress in this way. With us missing those very things, those insights or prods to reflect on things that would lighten things up and enrich our lives. Everything and everyone is transmitting something to you every moment of every day. And it’s up to us to slow down and get into receptive mode. Take the invitation to move in closer and receive. See and hear what is really going on.

Our world is totally amazing if we would only take the time…

It’s time to take time. Slow down, stop, open your heart, and receive. Wisdom comes in so many ways.

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