Mapping Your Path to Clarity – Human Design With Fiona

Are you ready to map your path to clarity in life? And are you completely willing to take the steps needed to make that a reality? Are you ready to make powerful, self-supporting decisions in life that will best support you in bringing all your God-given gifts to full expression and live the life you were designed to live?

Then Human Design could well be the tool that you have been waiting for. The one that will reveal to you everything you have always sensed about yourself but just didn’t feel confidant enough to articulate and act on. It helps you to identify how to make choices that have your name on them. Ones that you feel excited about and aligned with. And ones that act as portals to exciting new opportunities, insights, and expansion in your life. Human Design lets you relax into the knowing that you are deciding correctly and not making choices that you would typically make in the heat of the moment and then deeply regret the next morning, leaving you feeling disempowered.

It shows you what gifts you turned up with in your backpack in this lifetime and it helps you to see yourself more clearly as well as see how others look upon you. It helps you to recognise what not to chase after in this life. What to respect and honour to allow things to come into balance in your daily life. And it helps you to understand the value of being with others and how they contribute to our full expression.

When you come to work with me in unpacking your own personal Human Design bodygraph, we look at things like Energy Type, Strategy, Authority, Profile, and how to navigate the day by day. Going in more deeply, we will analyse your gifts and channels and see how your definition impacts both you and those around you.

Most people are hugely surprised at what their bodygraph reveals and really feel that it reflects them to a high degree of accuracy. I totally saw myself in mine and felt such a deep sense of ‘being seen’. Understanding how I had been designed.

So what exactly is this system about? It’s a combination of elements of the I-Ching, the chakra system, the Kaballah and astrology. It’s a snapshot of what the neutrino stream was doing at the moment you were born and shows the positioning of the different planets in your ‘Gates’. We generate your bodygraph by inputting your specific data into the software designed especially for this. Your roadmap invites to step in and engage and simply try out what it suggests to you. I always like to encourage people to experiment with what is revealed in the body graph and simply see what turns up. It’s not dogma or set in stone. But it is an exciting offering, an invitation to respond and see what results you get.

The information contained in your Human Design bodygraph is so multi layered. I was hooked when I encountered it for the first time and now I love working with it intensively, helping others to discover more of themselves just as I have done.

If you are curious to learn more, why not sign up for one of my introductory sessions which can give you a real taster before diving in to a longer more intensive reading with me. You can find the different types of readings I offer (conducted via Zoom) below. If you have any questions or are unsure, please reach out and ask me for some more information. I’ll be glad to help.


Book Your 20 Minute Human Design Taster Session – cost £30.00. This session will be conducted via Zoom and gives you an introduction to your Energy Type, Your Strategy, Inner Authority, and Profile. You will receive a recording afterwards. *Please provide me with your email when booking*.

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Book Your 90 Minute Human Design Deep Dive – cost £145.00. This session will be conducted via Zoom and looks at your Energy Type, Strategy, Inner Authority, and Profile. You will also learn about your gifts and channels as well as how to navigate effective decision making and staying aligned with your purpose. *Please provide me with your email when booking*.

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Book Your 3 Session Human Design Mapping Your Path To Clarity – cost £300.00: this package of 3 x 1-hour sessions takes you through your Energy Type, Strategy, Inner Authority, and Profile. We will look at your gifts, channels and effective decision making. We will also look together at mapping your path to clarity using all the information we’ve looked at so far in your body graph. Additionally you will be able to email me between sessions with questions. *Please provide me with your email when booking*.

Date of birth, time of birth, place of birth

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