Are you feeling stuck? Do you know you need to make a change but don’t know where to start?

sea of calm mandala oracle deckA session with Fiona and her cards will help you take a clear look at your current situation. We often hold beliefs that keep us anchored in experiences that no longer serve us. This is an invitation to be completely honest about the stories you are running and lets you see what you need to do to simply come unstuck. Staying with clarity and common sense will help you take a decisive step and move on.

Fiona will begin your session by drawing one of her cards to find a main theme or energy underpinning everything. She will continue by picking further cards for you to get a picture of what is important for you to consider right now. At any point, you can jump in and share any details you may find relevant. Fiona will ask questions along the way to further illuminate the ‘stuck’ nature of your situation and encourage you to honestly assess what is really going on.

Together you will work towards some simple but clear steps that will help you to see how you can create newness and growth.

If you feel any resonance with this, why not book a 30 minute session with Fiona today by clicking on the link below. Fiona will contact you to set up a time for you to speak with her. All sessions are conducted via Zoom, and you will receive a recording by email afterwards.

The ‘Sea of Calm Mandala Oracle Deck’ is also available to purchase. Please use the Contact page to enquire. Thanks.


Book Your 30 Minute Oracle Deck Reading – cost £45.00: this session is conducted via Zoom and a recording will be sent to you afterwards. You will be contacted after booking to set up an appointment. *Please provide me with your email when booking*.

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