You Need More than Relaxation Exercises to Find the Balance

It’s a fact that very many people are unable to find the balance between their work life and the time they spend at home or recreation. And if things get a bit tight, it’s the work that wins the day and everything else has to just get squeezed in somehow.

So what is it that drives us to prioritise the stressful job over spending quality time with kids or partners? Fear of losing the job, not earning money, not being able to pay the bills, being put out of our homes…the list goes on and on. It’s all fear-based and that definitely causes stress. It means that many of us are not living the life of our dreams, but the life that pays the bills.

We all know how hard it can be to find time to relax when the pressure is on and we know deep down that we are not honouring our values.

But I just wanted to share something with you. Whether or not you find or make the time to become present and get into a space where you can truly relax and let go all boils down to one and the same thing.

It’s a choice. You choose whether or not to allow yourself the luxury of relaxing and getting back in control of a life run riot.

It doesn’t matter how often you take time out to have a massage, do a yoga lesson, meditate, go for a walk in the park or do breathing exercises. If you don’t make a conscious choice to allow yourself to let go and find that inner peace to rejuvenate yourself, then anything you do will remain a mental exercise. You will go through the motions but not properly benefit from what you are doing.

The truth is that you can relax and find the balance by meditating for 5 minutes each day provided you make a clear commitment to yourself to give yourself the gift of allowing this to happen.

So if you have decided to go for a 30 minute walk down to the park every day, begin by looking upon this with gratitude. See this as well-deserved time out for yourself. Know that you can completely let go of all your worries at work and home the minute you put on your jacket to go off on your walk and you could also promise not to take your mobile phone with you so that you remain completely present and fully enjoy the experience.

Affirm to yourself that you are consciously choosing to have this time just for you and that you are reaping huge benefits from from doing it. During your relaxation exercise keep bringing your awareness back to the present whenever you notice your mind running back off to the office or other concerns. And breath out gently.

When you are finished, thank yourself for taking this special time out and feel how thankful your body is that you did this.

You can be sure that by focussing on your conscious choice your body will enjoy deep levels of relaxation and in that time will feel rejuvenated and refreshed.

What relaxation exercises are you doing to find the balance in your life and how are you making them conscious rather than a mental exercise?

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4 Responses to You Need More than Relaxation Exercises to Find the Balance

  1. Hi Fiona,
    definitely something I had to learn! People like me who work from home need rituals. I try to structure my day as much as I can and allow myself a one-hour lunch break. No emails, no phone, just myself, my lunch and on a sunny day, a chair in the sun. Nice!

    Love it that we are on a similar path right now, just wrote about a break, too 🙂

    Franziska San Pedro

    • Fiona Stolze says:

      Nice to be on the same page with you Franziska. Looking forward to seeing what you’ve been writing about too. Like the sound of the chair in the sun.

  2. GRACE KELLY says:

    So true Fiona, something I am having to learn to do now myself is find the balance. Certainly do not want to be living to pay bills nor would i want the life of my dreams without relaxation and presence along the way.
    Gratitude, Grace

    • Fiona Stolze says:

      Thanks for commenting Grace. Yes, allowing the presence and the rest automatically falls into place.

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