What’s the GAC (Glastonbury Art Collective) up to Now?

It’s been a month since the Glastonbury Art Collective presented its first ever art exhibition in Glastonbury, spearheaded by Jessica Morris and held in the Grail Centre, Chilkwell Street.

For those of you who didn’t manage to get down to the venue in person, here is a short video I made of the exhibits by following this link: Glastonbury Art Collective Exhibition.

But it’s always really interesting to see what is happening in the aftermath of these events as artists never stay still. One thing is for sure. There will certainly be more events coming up in the near future where you will get a chance to see more of the lovely creations the artists have been making.

And I thought you would love to get a glimpse of what some of the artists have been up to. So I asked them what they were all doing and some of them gladly shared photos of their artwork with me.

Here is a selection of what they’ve been working on since you last saw them. We’d love you to share any comments in the box below if you’ve enjoyed seeing this and we’d also love you to keep in touch and support us all in future events.

Please also feel free to ‘like’ their art pages to support the work they are doing. Thank you.

Rachel Reilly Wearable Sculpture – a brand new piece called ‘Crescendo’. Beautiful copper wire sculptures as the perfect accessories for your outfit.

Rachel Reilly’s Facebook business page: Rachel Reilly Wearable Sculpture

Photo: A domino piece covered with alcohol inks and stamped tissue paper...sealed and varnished!Photo: Back of the latest Domino piece!

Fay Hartwell Designs – decoupage with alcohol inks and dominos

Facebook business page: Fay Hartwell Designs

Lis O’Kelly – delightful vibrant acrylics on a spiritual theme

Lis O’Kelly – My Happy Hart (Facebook business page)

Jan Billings – Spiritual silks depicting the heart and soul of Glastonbury.

Avalonian Silks (Facebook business page)

Thema Carolle-Casey – a beautiful oil painting entitled ‘Meditation’

Essentially Art (Facebook business page)

Fiona Stolze – Chrysocolla inspired silk – Silk mandalas, wearables and soft furnishings.

Silk and Art (Facebook business page)

I’m planning on being able to regularly give you updates and share with you how the GAC is moving forward both individually and as a group.

Thanks for stopping by.

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