What Raw Food Do I Eat Each Day?

This post comes in response to a question I get asked so often as many of you can’t really imagine what I nourish myself from. And I must admit that I didn’t really have much idea either of what people following the raw food lifestyle ate each day.

So this video gives you the answer:

I’m finding it so important to eat the foods that energise me and make me feel good. So I tune in after each meal, about 20 minutes later, and see what effect the food has had on me.

Every time I’ve eaten live foods, which would include sprouts, I feel such a lift that it becomes great fun to eat the meal and know what it coming.

Today something interesting happened. When I had prepared a large plate of mixed salad for myself and drizzled olive oil on it, I sat down to eat. It was only then that I realised I hadn’t put any Himalayan salt on or pepper. But I was delighted to see that my tastebuds have changed hugely in the past few weeks.

Raw salsa crackers and a mixed salad

My salad was so tasty and I was able to discern the strong flavours of each and every fruit and vegetable in the salad.

One thing is for sure. When I was following my old diet of eating normal cooked food, I was constantly constipated, no matter how many healthy options I tried. And I was so tired after meals, feeling ready to crawl into my bed.

I’m finding now that I have constant energy levels throughout the day. I just get up and then keep going until it’s bedtime again. There are no tired phases, siestas and the like. I never feel like I need to sit down and put my feet up and just rest a bit.

So that is a clear sign for me that I am nourishing my body in a sustainable way. I love it and am continuing to explore and try things out along the way.

I’d love to hear if you are interested in seeing how I prepare my food and sharing in some of the recipes we use. Please leave your comment in the box below. Thanks.

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