Well I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day

How many of you are like me and still have a loving place in your heart for the old Wizzard Christmas evergreen? It’s one of those songs that really brings back lovely childhood memories of how Christmas was in the past. Especially if you lived in the UK like I did.

As a youngster I couldn’t help thinking – thank goodness it’s not Christmas every day. That would be exhausting.

But today on December 20th, here I am sitting quietly contemplating the whole Christmas thing. What does it really all mean? For me. Beyond all the shopping frenzy. Beyond the religious significance.

Christmas bauble fiona stolze

What I do know is today is all I have. It’s all that anyone has. Only today. Now.

Today is the only time I have to be the love I am for others. To reach out to others. To give from the heart.

And so, in that sense, today is Christmas. Today will always be Christmas.

Wishing you all a lovely Christmas. Now.

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