Digging for Gold – Getting to the Heart of the Matter

My name is Fiona Stolze. Welcome to my online hub for my artwork, online classes and guidance/readings. Many years ago I focused here on my silk painting experiences, but it soon turned into a site where I began sharing my writings on all the topics that are near and dear to me. As I learned to dig deeply for the gold in my life, I began to see how little substance so many things in my life had – things that had previously seemed to be so valuable. And one by one I began to shed them.

I lost my fear of digging so far that all familiarity fell away and in the process began to embrace stepping into completely new territory.

I have now come to see that almost everything I have rested on and used as a foundation in my life actually has very little substance at all. Most of it can be described as stories and fantasies, all of which simply dissolve when scrutinised under the magnifying glass.

Everything happening around me is pure drama and doesn’t inform me of what is really going on deep within. It’s quite amazing that I have spent my whole life walking through a self-made world of illusion which has literally been hanging by a thread. And it’s so liberating to just completely stop for a moment and remember that it’s all made up.

The deeper I go, the more the challenges surface. And the realisations grow.

A few years ago I created and published an oracle deck based on my original silk mandala paintings, and now I love to sit in session with people, helping to uncover the fabricated stories to make space in life for what is true. I’m available for one-to-one sessions on either Skype or Zoom, so please get in touch if this resonates with you and you’d like more details.

I love to let my inner vibrancy flow into the artwork I create. Right now I’m restructuring my work and am putting my vibrant acrylic abstract paintings much more into the foreground as it feels like this is where I am to give my focus.

All further details are listed on the Contact page. Please reach out if you are interested in knowing more about my work. I’d love to hear from you.

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