Watching the Day Coming to a Close

I was scurrying around, seeing to many small jobs and generally tidying up and creating space. We moved house not so long ago and we spend a portion of each day, seeing to things that really need seeing to. There’s still a lot to tend to.

And I was just thinking about how much we had actually shifted. How much we had cleared out to make space for what was to stay. I was walking down the path to the outhouse for the umpteenth time, happily carrying miscellaneous objects and empty boxes, when I suddenly stopped in my tracks.

fionastolze sunset

Or rather, I was compelled to stop. There was the most amazing view in front of me, spread out across the horizon. The sun was setting and creating the most beautiful vista before my eyes. The sky had lit up, ablaze with the last rays of sun on what had been a wonderfully refreshing and chilly day with radiant blue skies.

So beautiful. I stopped. And I simply enjoyed, realising I had almost missed one of life’s wonderful gifts. The sun setting. I felt touched by the firey rays as the burning orb slowly but surely eased its way down onto the outline the hills had etched out where they touched the sky.

Such a loving way to fill my heart and empty my mind. After a moment I turned to pick up my camera lying near to hand and took this photo.

What a view to gaze out onto in the evenings. Feeling very grateful for the unexpected gifts that appear as if from nowhere. So precious.

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2 Responses to Watching the Day Coming to a Close

  1. Kathy says:

    Nice to take a moment and just enjoy life; it’s so precious.

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