Walking a Labyrinth – Inspiration from the Mandalas

Many of you will know that I have recently developed a set of mandala guidance cards which I now use in one-to-one sessions to help people take a snapshot of their lives, by identifying goals and obstacles in different areas, seeing the overall pattern and gaining insights as to how to unravel the threads.

Chartres Labyrinth in Blue - a silk painting by Fiona Stolze

I was thrilled to recently have the pleasure of working with a dear friend of mine, Judy Stone-Goldman, whom I met online within the context of Ann Evanston’s SNCC, a social media bootcamp.

Judy’s site is called ‘The Reflective Writer’ and she shares her process of guiding herself through her experiences through a series of probing questions. You, as the reader, are invited to join in by reflecting on how you would respond to the issues she presents.

It was lovely to see how relaxed Judy felt with the process I had developed as it was very similar to the way she was used to opening up her though processes through asking questions.

I was delighted when I discovered that Judy had felt prompted to write a blog post about her experience with the mandala cards and that she had taken a step towards bringing her thoughts and actions more into alignment by taking an early morning labyrinth walk.

You can read Judy’s meditative post here entitled ‘Finding Early Morning Balance in the Labyrinth’ . I loved hearing how her process had continued. I thoroughly recommend visiting Judy’s site and I’m sure she’d love to hear from you in the form of any comments.

If you would love to work with me in a mandala guidance session, have a look at the Mandala Guidance Page and then contact me at coaching@fionastolze.com. You can take advantage of a special offer which will run until July 31st 2011.
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