Venus in Transit – Heart Opening Through the Divine Feminine

I’m sure every one of you reading this post is already familiar with the news about the upcoming Venus Transit on June 5th/6th 2012. But I wanted to share with you a beautiful story I have around this Transit and how it links in with my mandala artwork.

Just before I tell you about the painting I’d like to fill in a little of the background information surrounding the transit in case any of you don’t know. I’m not an astrologer and have gleaned this information from those in the know.

Venus in Transit – a silk painting

About every 120 years Venus transits the face of the sun and when it does, this occurs twice with a gap of 8 years inbetween. The last time this happened was on June 8th 2004. It is due to happen again on June 5th/6th 2012. Venus will be closest to the Earth and so we will see her as a large body crossing over the Sun.

Now there was a very strange occurrence for me on the first transit of this pair on June 8th 2004. I had been working on a silk painting, a mandala and on that very morning I brought it to completion. It struck me how firey the image was and that there seemed to be a planet at the centre of it.

It wasn’t until June 8th that it really hit me. As I completed the turquoise sky background, I realised I was looking at Venus in Transit. I got shivers as I saw with clarity what it depicted. At that very time we were able to see the Venus Transit from our front window in Glastonbury. Blue sky, the firey sun and the large body of Venus passing over her face.

And so my mandala was named ‘Venus in Transit’.

So what does this astrological event mean for us? It has a lot to do with heart opening and our feminine energy and gives us a chance to look at old buried things we thought were long since gone to finally release them with love. A time of great clearing. Letting go of whatever does not nurture our hearts.

The coming week is filled with significant events for me on a personal level and I am excited as to what this Venusian energy heralds in.

Embracing the Divine Feminine and allowing it full expression in my life.

This image is available as a greeting card. If you would like to have one, please contact me at

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4 Responses to Venus in Transit – Heart Opening Through the Divine Feminine

  1. melody says:


  2. Kathy MC says:

    Isn’t it inspiring how things just sort of happen – love the mandala! I hope your week is a fulfilling one; I plan to take a little time to just appreciate what is all around me.

    • Fiona Stolze says:

      Thanks Kathy – yes I love how things just unfold. This is definitely a time for opening our hearts and letting all that love flow.

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