Total Surrender – Let in All Your Experiences

Don’t pretend that it’s okay to just focus on the ‘good things’ that are happening in your life. Surrendering is about letting it all in. Just exactly as it is. Without trying to change anything.

So you have a ‘bad day’. Let it in. And then there’s a ‘good day’. No difference. Let it in.

Keep letting it all in.

Your life is just unfolding. So let it get on with things. You don’t need to try and change anything. Or manipulate or struggle against it all. Just let it all happen. From a space of inner stillness and acceptance you will always know what to do in life. Just flow with it all despite inner constriction. The less you feed it, the less it grows.

Quite simple really.

Everything is is perfect order. So you don’t need to close against life’s experiences.

And all the while bring your focus deep, deep within. Connect with that divine spark within. Connect with Source. Whatever name you have for it. Connect. Say yes. Listen for your divine orders. And then when they come through, your job is to go carry them out. Joyfully.

We always have Free Will. We can choose to listen to the lie, the ‘wishful thinking’ or we can surrender to Truth.

But there is actually no choice at all. There never was.

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4 Responses to Total Surrender – Let in All Your Experiences

  1. Michelle Diaz says:

    A good way to start the day. Not sure how to stop inner constriction – but I suppose it is just seeing it and letting it in? But not believeing or feeding it ? Hugs xxx

    • Fiona Stolze says:

      Hi darling – so lovely to be here with you. xx And yes the inner constriction. I am learning that by saying yes, softening and letting it in – being completely in my heart and keeping it wide open, gives all of my attention to my heart and my truth there. With time the constrictive responses elsewhere have nothing to grasp onto, nothing to live from and they begin to fade into the background. Hugs to you too and hope to see you soon. xxx

  2. I love it and I love you! <3

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