Time to Let Go Now

It’s been a while since I posted here and today I was sitting contemplating the card I drew from my mandala oracle deck when I had the thought of sharing it with you here.

I kept things really simple and just pulled one card for clarity today. This is what I received:

Let Go Now.

Quite a clear message. It sounds so simple and yet seems so hard to follow on through with. Due to the identification we have with what isn’t true but seems so real.

So what could this be applied to? Here are some things which come spontaneously to mind:

– letting go of the home we are living in now

– letting go of the work I am currently doing

– letting go of all the physical objects which are cluttering up my living space

– letting go of attachment to things being a certain way

– letting go of reacting to how others are being around me

– letting go of old patterns and habits

– letting go of clinging onto the familiar and embracing the new with every breath

And as I write all of this down, it becomes clear to me how my mind expands and opens, letting me drop into my heart, allowing space for my innermost to flood in. Every concernĀ  is just naturally dissipating.

Letting go of trying to make things be a certain way. Just being.

Really feeling gentled inside. At peace.

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2 Responses to Time to Let Go Now

  1. Kathy says:

    “Just being” Very nice! We sometimes need to just be in the moment; to not work so hard at making things happen. Great card.

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