Time to Begin a New Way of Being

In recent months I’ve come to think more and more about truly living in the present moment. And that means living each moment with full awareness and appreciation. It means living feeling alive and inspired. It means giving my full focus and attention to things that bring me joy and pleasure. It means being totally true to myself.

That is how I wish to live.

And so I am taking time to sit down and ask in meditation for guidance as to where I can be of the most service. Where I can fully live out my destiny.

I have dreams and aspirations. There are thoughts that make my heart soar, sing, take flight.

And I have my so-called obligations, the things that I use to hold me back from really going for it. But how important are they really? What on this planet could truly be important enough to hold me back from being all that I can be?

When I tune in to my Divine guidance and listen to the voice that spells out with clarity that it is time for me to listen to the call, I feel a thrill but also intrepidation.

Who would I be if cast everything aside that I had accumulated over the years? Who would I be indeed? I would be like the caterpillar, tired of crawling around on my belly and ready to emerge from the cocoon as a magnificent butterfly.

I feel the time is drawing near to break through the intertwined silk threads and emerge in a new way of being.

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