This One Has My Name on It – the Proverbial Cup of Coffee

I wanted to share with you how things have been in my 30 day challenge contemplating ‘A Question of Resonance’. Today showed me that things are indeed shifting in a big way and I can see that there really is no going back to the old way of being.

It’s so amazing when I put out a call into the universe, setting intention for something to manifest, and it then appears in the twinkling of an eye.

That’s how I felt today and it was a real confirmation that I am much more in alignment with my true way of being, my true resonance. In the past I have tried to bring things about without realising that subconsciously it wasn’t really what I wanted. So no matter how hard I tried, nothing was going to appear to make it a reality.

This new sense of alignment feels wonderful. It has a great deal to do with being in integrity with everything. That is quite a challenge but I keep bringing awareness to it and find that there is so much more flow to my daily life.

But the great joy for me was in asking for a cup of coffee and then seeing a cup of coffee appearing on the horizon – with my name on it. No, I didn’t really ask for that, but that’s how clear the manifestation was.

And of course, it feels really empowering to be able to walk my talk, take the next obvious step when the door opens without falling back into the old patterns and finding excuses. And it’s that which truly inspires me, fills me with renewed inspiration to continue this journey and share it with others.

I’ve always believed that you cannot effectively teach things to others that you haven’t experienced yourself. I would never ask another person to do something that I haven’t done personally and learned from. So I’m really excited to take this challenge and be able to share my experiences with others as I go.

Aquara and I are already working on ideas we have for workshops based on the insights we have gained and will continue to gain as we move forward on this path. If you’d like to know more, please contact us.

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