The Wisdom of Bamboo – Being a Channel for Spirit

Each day brings something new with it and yesterday was one of those days when I got up and just felt out of sync with myself and my world.

And despite the fact that I had made a list of to-do’s, there was no way I was able to begin to bring focus to what I thought I should be doing.

I began to frantically tidy up and then sort things out, putting bits and pieces into garbage bags, parting with whatever I got my hands on. I was feeling very edgy and not quite knowing what to do with myself.

I was feeling lack of clarity. Jangly and really not in the flow. I could feel negative self-talk rising up and telling me how I was totally off target. And there was a great heaviness around my heart.

During a short skype chat with a lovely friend of mine I shared what was going on for me and she told me what was going on in her world. We let our creativity flow and it transpired that there were new things in the pipeline. Lots of inspiration had flown and I was feeling more optimistic, lighter, clearer. She had shared some creative ideas with me and advised me to get out of the house and get into nature. Gratitude.

So I grabbed my purple cashmere wrap and headed off down to the park, my favourite haunt. Within 10 minutes I was walking through a beautiful estate, generously populated with every tree you could imagine.

And right now we are in the middle of spring. That means that everything was in blossom and my senses were delighted with beautiful fragrances of every kind. Mmmmm….

So imagine my delight when I suddenly discovered a large clump of bamboo growing where I had never seen it before.

I walked over and touched the swaying branches.

And as I tuned in, this is what the bamboo told me: be flexible and graceful and gently allow yourself to be moved by the winds. Know you can weather the storms. Be an open channel allowing the voice of spirit to move through you. Reach outwards and upwards and embrace lightness and ease at all times. You don’t have to ever be alone. There is strength and great synergy¬† in standing with like-minded souls in common purpose.

As I held the long, slender branches of the bamboo swaying gently in the wind, I marvelled at its huge strength and lightness.

No mind. A clear channel. Divine perfection.

Such wisdom.

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