The Sun Always Shines – The Truth is Alive Within You

I am coming more and more to the realisation that what I perceive around me is only a reflection of illusion-based thoughts and imaginations and that it is not real. Whether it is something ‘joyous’ or something that brings me pain. It is only the outer world created by my thoughts and beliefs.

But more importantly, as I continue to go deeper within and truly remember who I am, I know that my mind may continue to create deceptions on the surface, out on the interface of life. It continues to weave its illusions. But I don’t need to buy into them any more.

Most importantly I know that when things appear to become disorientating, this is not a measurable sign that I have lost my connection.

My connection is here and now. It is eternal, unshakeable, perfection.

I love to liken it to the sun. There are days when there isn’t a cloud in the sky and there is a glorious radiant light shining in a vibrant blue sky. It’s so easy to get lost in the perceived bliss and believe that this is it. We can get attached to needing the sun to shine.

And yet there are days when everything is overcast and the sun seems to be nowhere to be seen. The gloominess can easily create a sense of heaviness, lack of clarity and the belief that things are really not as rosy and we can easily get consumed with negative stories. At least this is the story our minds create.

Whether it is bliss in the radiant sun, or gloom in the dull, overcast days – neither of these are true reflections of who you really are.

Your inner light comes from a source so much greater than you. It is not in the least affected by moods, emotions and unbalanced thoughts.

And even the light you think you see and feel from within is not the ultimate measure. Your inner truth is a beingness not measureable or touchable by anything on the physical plane.

I know of times when my inner light seemed to be snuffed out and yet I was still there. I was connected and alive even though my ego mind told me there was no connection at all. And in those moments, remembering who I was, that I was of God, of the Source of all Being was my life-line. I knew I wasn’t dependent on anything else at all.

So when the sun shines on you with its beautiful warming rays, love it for what it is in the moment and let it go. When the day is overcast and disheartening, know that these days are no different. Be in the moment and allow these experiences to simply move through you without trying to hold on.

The truth is always alive within you.

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