The Sands of Time were Eroded by the River of Constant Change

I was 16 and was lying in bed  listening to Steve Wright’s Radio Forth late night show. He unexpectedly played a piece I hadn’t heard before by a group called Genesis. Within seconds I sat up and was attentive.

This was so different from anything I had ever heard before. A piece called ‘Firth of Fifth’ ( a nice synchronicity with the Firth of Forth where I lived) from their album ‘Selling England by the Pound’.

It went so deep. I knew I had to have the music and ran off the next day to buy the album, an LP.

This is what I heard that night:

Today a few decades on I was busy preparing some work and suddenly a line from that song went through my head….’the sands of time were eroded by the river of constant change’.

I switched on YouTube and found the link I’ve shared here and sat down to listen.

waterfall loresSuch a joy to hear it again. But when the piece was about 6 minutes in, it reached that part where something started to play with my heart strings (as it always did). And I felt such a resonance with something I couldn’t put my finger on or give a name to. Touched in my heart.

The tears just started to flow as I felt an immediate connect with the present moment. Me then and now. No time or space. And I got a real sense of movement so deep within, flowing, shifting. Bringing in the new.  Nothing of the familiar to hold onto. Allowing the old to dismantle itself.

Beautiful and complete surrender to constant change. My heart responded by opening to movement. Knowing that something so much greater than myself was in motion. Feeling it coursing through me as I write this.

Feelings, thoughts, emotions…but none of it to be acted on. Only following on through from what is deeper.

Discomfort and disorientation on the physical plane and yet stillness underneath.

Growing pressure and  yet continuing forward, one step after another. The labyrinth. The path of no return.

Watching my self flutter and falter and being anchored in THIS deep within. Getting up again and again and moving on. Being THIS no matter what.

Thank you Genesis for touching my heart with your beautiful music and reminding me of the connection beyond time and space.

And thank you to the wonderful teacher that appeared in my life – John de Ruiter. Into the Deep.



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