The Psychology of Colour -Wearing Red Clothes

It’s been quite while since I wrote anything about colour so I thought I would start off by writing about the effect RED clothing can have on others.

I remember when I was very young and my nana saying: “Red and Green should never be seen except upon an Irish queen.” I didn’t really get that in those days and thought that Irish queens had special rights. But as I grew older and developed my love for colours and painting, I found that particularly odd as I discovered that red and green lived together in perfect harmony in a wide variety of beautiful flowers around the planet.

One of the colours that I avoided wearing for a very long time was RED. I painted in all sorts of bright colours, too, but red was clearly missing from my palette by choice. Now the psychology of colour is a very extensive subject and most of us are aware of it on a subconscious level.

When we think of the colour RED, one of the first things that comes to mind is love. It’s the colour of roses and Valentine’s Day. It’s the colour of passion and also of rage. Red-faced people are those who are choleric and have high blood pressure. Or who are embarrassed. And it’s the colour of blood, the life-giver.

So what does wearing RED clothing say about you? Well, for a start, you are likely to feel more energized on these days. Red is also a very warming colour and so quite a good choice on cold days. But it also gives out very clear signals to other people when you choose this colour for your outfit. If you come in to a meeting in red, then other know intuitively that you are a force to be reckoned with. You are likely to take on your opponents and are not so likely to back down easily. Dressed in red you may intimidate those negotiating with you and therefore have an advantage right from the start.

If a woman turns up for a date dressed in red, this can be seen as an expression of passion and her partner is likely to tune into the sexual undercurrents sent out by this colour.

It is a colour which can overstimulate people who are easily excitable and can raise bloodpressure. So if you are one of these people and like red, why not go for a shade more into the orange to tone it down a bit. In colour therapy you are not treated with this colour if your blood pressure is raised.

And you know the expression “seeing red“. In Spain the torero waves the red cloak at the bull to make it start charging and get the fight going. Your red outfit can also have this effect on others, rubbing them up the wrong way and causing irritation where it isn’t intended. So in situations where you want to be particularly diplomatic, red shouldn’t be your first choice of colour when selecting what to wear.

If you are selective about what you wear and when you wear it, red is definitely a colour that can be both enjoyed and appreciated by others.

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