Colour Therapy: wearing orange clothes

If you were to look in your wardrobe right now, would you be able to find any items of clothing that are orange? It tends to be one of those colours that you either avoid like the plague or adore and splurge out on.

But what does wearing the colour orange actually signal to other people?

Well, it’s definitely one of my favourites and always has been. It’s the artists’ colour, an  outward expression of creativity and  joy.  So if you want to increase that feel-good factor, then orange is the way to go. Unlike red which can overstimulate, orange is both warming and attractive without having the searing touch.

When you are interacting with others, orange can lift the mood in the room and stimulate the conversation in a positive way.  However, it may be wise to avoid wearing predominantly this colour if you are aiming to make  a serious and reliable impression so limiting your use of it to just an accent,  a scarf of belt,  could have the desired effect.

Orange also indicates to others that you feel good in your skin and like the way your body looks. It exudes a lovely relaxed energy while still having that sexy feel to it. And I’m sure you’ve noticed that a vibrant hue can have a really knock-out effect while the more pastel shades can come and go without taking the room by storm. But no matter what shade you choose, it will definitely not go unnoticed.

The complementary colour for orange is blue, so you might like to try experimenting with different shades to compliment your over-all look if your outifit is predominantly orange. A lapis-lazuli necklace, a sky-blue scarf. Be brave and have a go.

So if you want to give your confidence a boost, why not treat yourself to something stunning in orange and enjoy being the centre of attraction.

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  1. michelle brooks says:

    I look forward to receiving beautiful mandalas to colour

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