The Goodness in Major Life Transition

How fitting that I drew this card today on Good Friday. I felt moved to start sharing more of my oracle cards and their messages with you along with my arty projects to give you more of a glimpse into what is happening in my workshop. And so today just seemed to be the perfect day to get the ball rolling.

sea of calm oracle deck fiona stolze

And the first card I drew was Major Life Transition. This image is from a painting I entitled Venus in Transit and it’s one that has a very powerful energy. I actually completed this painting on the day of a Venus Transit many moons ago and I really feel the activation of this every time I look at it. Here you see Venus transiting the Sun. The feminine boldly steps out and temporarily eclipses the striking male energy.

When something is in transit, it is in the process of moving from one state to another. On a voyage of discovery or initiation. This message is about this movement bringing about massive change to the status quo. Whether or not you have consciously embarked on this transition or not makes no difference. While you are in motion, you often take on other qualities than enable this movement which you might not normally exhibit. This often happens in times of crisis when we are called to embody our powers and take on a role that far exceeds what we normally do.

This message emboldens you to be courageous and trust in this process. You are doing something that is actually quite unusual and challenging. You may feel the ground beneath your feet heave but ultimately you are being swept to distant shores that beckon you with new challenges and invitations to grow exponentially. Take the offer and dive in.

rainbow silk scarves silkencircle

I hope this resonates with you today. I feel the heaving beneath my feet for sure and don’t have a clear picture what it is all pointing towards. There are one or two projects that I have recently unpacked and are slowly taking form. One of them involves a lot of writing (I wonder what that could be?) and I’m hoping to have something tangible to offer by Autumn but I’m not quite sure yet. I do know that it will all involve me stepping out of my comfort zone much more than before.

Right now, I’m just taking a look around my workspace this morning, Good Friday. Some of my rainbow silk scarves are laid out here ready for more photographs. I took the decision to breathe some more life into my silks and give them more visibility again, so they’re going to take pride of place along with my acrylic paintings in my Etsy shop.

I really get a sense that my work is taking a new direction and feel that past work now  wants to be honoured and get out there, so to speak. So I’m activating my online shop and am now listing what wants to find a forever home. The nice part of all of this is that I have decided to make it all much more affordable in general. I had a go at offering pieces on a donation basis, but that only moved very slowly. I’ll be sharing my experiences with that in a later post. But for today at least, I want to stay in fair exchange and keep everything moving on through.

If you click on the Etsy shop link here, you’ll see what I’ve listed so far. Just feel free to contact me if you have any questions about anything that I have on offer.


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