The Day I Ate a Brick – The Joys of Following the Rawfood Lifestyle

I’ve been on the rawfood lifestyle for 2 months now and it really has been one helterskelter. I’ve been journalling profusely and have so much material here that it will all be morphing into a book some time in the near future.

But what has really jumped out at me in these 2 months?

That my body is slowly but surely undergoing a big transformation. It’s as if my digestive system is a large lump of Playdo which is being remodelled into something that functions very differently from the model I had installed 2 months ago.

I honestly thought it would make no difference what I ate once those internal switches had been thrown around the big WHY I was entering into this new way of being.

So I wanted to share this story with you.

Just the other day I was busy making my raw cacao smoothie and picked up the wrong spoon from the cutlery drawer. I normally use a regular tablespoon but I suddenly had a much larger serving spoon in my hand. When I saw how much cacao was on it, I smiled and thought it would be good to tip some of it back. However, my wrist twitched and the whole lot cascaded onto my smoothie.

Hmmmm….okay, I switched the machine on and couldn’t help noticing how much darker this drink was than usual. I poured it and drank it, noticing how much stronger it tasted.

And it was about half an hour later that I suddenly noticed that I was getting dizzy and feeling really yucky. Typical detox symptoms that can occur when starting to clear out. I knew I had double-dosed on the cacao and it is indeed potent.

Okay, I knew I would just have to sit this one out and I began journalling.

However, my ego kicked in and told me that if I ate something grounding the sickness would pass. And I thought – Well, you know, I’m feeling like I’ve passed some major hurdles so it won’t harm if I nibble some bread to appease this nausea.

To cut a long story short, I sat on the floor and nibbled some home made bread and noticed indeed how the feelings of nausea gradually subsided. And I had munched my way through 2 small slices of the stuff.

And as I sat and watched what was happening, it hit me. My tummy felt hard and I felt this horrible heaviness in my gut. It really felt like I had just eaten a brick and was having to allow it to pass through my digestive system.

Without going into too many details, I met the consequences when I visited the bathroom the next morning. That was something I definitely didn’t miss.

So, many lessons learnt here. My body has adapted to a new type of food and works in light digestive mode now. I still have to listen to my intuition and not overdo things regardings amounts of foodstuffs I use as they are potent and detox strongly. And it’s important to remember that if I give in to old cravings, there are consequences.

There’s such a long way to go and it’s fascinating to watch myself as I embark on this experience. I have to often laugh and just shake my head when I listen to the antics my mind gets up to.

But I am so loving the new level of health I am enjoying, regardless of the challenges along the way. And that’s something I’m not willing to sacrifice any more.

There will be lots of juggling along the way and I am sure that I will eat humble pie on many occasions but taking it lightly makes the whole thing fun.

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