The Blossoming of Newness

Spring is blossoming and I’m enjoying noticing how things are gradually changing in my life. Newness is creeping in from all corners, subtly, but definitely there.

The things that are opening up for me are changing. My thoughts are becoming different. And I’m ready to step into things I was closed to before, seeing that there never was an obstacle…

fionastolze spiritual path truth blossoms

The challenges are still there in abundance but I really have this sea of calm within that I can rest in when I choose. And that’s the important bit in it all. Seeing that I have to choose what to go with. The story being played out by the smaller self or the truth that lies deep within. I decide what gets to be in the driver’s seat.

The self continues to play out its dramas but it’s about seeing it quickly for what it is and turning immediately to what is deeper.

And every time I remember what is true and open fully to that, that’s when the newness starts to emerge. Gradually, gradually the match happens… the emergence of what is deep, deep within blossoms on the surface, becoming visible in my life.

Loving the tiny blossoms in my life.

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