The Benefits of Following the Raw Food Diet and Lifestyle

Well, it’s now been 10 weeks since we made the transition to the raw food lifestyle and it never ceases to amaze me what happens from day to day as we explore this whole new arena.

Many people come to me and ask what exactly the benefits are to following the raw food diet and lifestyle so this is what I say:

I’ve been following what lots of other people have been experiencing when transitioning and one thing I’m coming to understand is that we are really just at the beginning.

When I think back, I began to tangibly notice that I was feeling more energised after I had dealt with hitting a huge brick wall around  the 2 week mark.

I became acutely aware of how my energy suddenly lifted and a sparkle appeared in my eyes. That was when I got excited and realised something big was happening.

At the same time I had begun a fitness regime in that I was doing a workout first thing each morning after my meditation. These exercises were something I had learned when doing the spiritual bootcamp with Genesis Sunfire last November, an event which catapaulted us into this exciting new way of being.

I find it ecstatic to be energised and vibrant and not have to worry any more about what, when and how much I eat.

I find it hugely beneficial to not have food running my life any more but to have discovered how to harness its power and work easily and effortlessly with it.

And I have opened my eyes wide and now see how my limiting beliefs regarding food were standing in my way to my body being nourished optimally.

As I said in the video, I could go on and on listing all the benefits I have discovered for myself and I am sure I will continue to become aware of further benefits as I continue to nourish myself in this way.

But for every benefit there is also a brick wall to circumnavigate. It’s all bringing huge growth.

I’m loving this new way of being and am finding that I am coming to know myself so much better as a result.

AND….in my next post I’m going to start sharing with you how much of a challenge all of this is too. Everything in perfect balance. Watch this space!

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