The Answer’s Already There in the Question

Were you aware that the minute you ask a question, you already have the answer? That it is already there in some form and all you have to do is change your perception to be able to see it fully? Otherwise you wouldn’t even be able to ask the question in the first place.

How often have you found the solution to your question and then said that the answer was staring you in the face all along.

Everything in our universe is in perfect balance. Everything is complete in its own way.

In fact the very moment we begin to search for something in our lives, we can be sure that it is already there in some form. The only reason we can’t see this is because we have our eyes closed to it.

So what happens when we begin to open our eyes to see what is really there?

Magic happens, that’s what.

A few years ago I asked what I would need to do to accumulate some assets and then sat down to look at where I already had assets in my life. I was amazed to discover that in fact I did have some but they were not where I expected them. My framed mandala artwork represented my assets, as well as all the derivatives (prints and other products deriving from them). I was able to look on them with new eyes and find appreciation for them and the potential they represented. It also gave me confidence in knowing if I had these assets, I could indeed manifest more.

I also asked how I could become more of a leader and when I looked more closely at what I already had, I discovered that I already was a leader and had demonstrated this on many occasions throughout my life. Time after time I had fearlessly taken action and stepped into the unknown, showing the way ahead. And knowing this gives me the confidence to step out in my life now when I am asked to show the way.

It’s a very comforting thought that whatever we think we need or is missing, is already there for us. Whatever we are looking for and can’t see is indeed there and we just need to turn around and look in the opposite direction.

All we are being asked to do is change our perspective and not think we know all the answers. I have found some of the most powerful moments in my life to be those in which I totally surrendered and opened up to receiving. When we stop expecting the answer to be something specific, the most amazing manifestations can occur.

So the next time you ask a question, just remind yourself that the solution is already at hand and if you aren’t able to see it, it may be because you are standing in the way. Step back and allow the universe to reveal it to you in the most appropriate form. And watch how reality exceeds your expectations.

Where have you managed to get out of your own way to allow answers to come to you and how surprising was it for you to see what the answer was?

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12 Responses to The Answer’s Already There in the Question

  1. Pat Zahn says:

    What is that gorgeous image Fiona – it is totally speaking to me! Asking the questions is hard for someone who considers herself self-reliant, it’s like asking for help. It’s something I’ve been working on and will have to be more conscious of it.

    • Fiona Stolze says:

      Glad you like it. It’s one of my paintings I did in oils a few years ago. Maybe it’s time to shed a bit of light on some of earlier work.

      I have got used to asking for help as sometimes really unexpected things can turn up that hugely benefit me. And I’ve learned it’s not a sign of weakness. I was becoming open to receiving. Thanks for commenting Pat.

  2. Fiona Stolze says:

    Thanks Heidi – we do know the answers to all of our questions. I love it when I get into the stillness and experience that knowingness. But it is sometimes hard to see when we have blinkers on. I think that’s a good question to ask regularly. Where do I have blinkers on that blind me to the truth of this moment?

  3. So beautifully articulated Fiona! It always amused me when I realize my own self-imposed blinders are what keeping me from the knowledge (my own intuition often) that I already have to the questions in my mind… It really is about perception and being open to the stillness that often births the greatest answers & aha moments, as Oprah would say.
    I love your artwork in this piece too, Fiona. You are immensely talented!

    Heidi & Atticus
    “commentary to give you paws…”

  4. laura lea says:

    really enjoy your readings Fiona

  5. I’m a firm believer in questions. Like many, I love Rilke’s famous quote to “live the questions” in the search to discover life and art. At the end of this month I’m doing a presentation about learning to ask ourselves questions as a path to productive reflection. So I loved reading this! We have such capacity to listen to that inner voice–but we also have the capacity to block it, so reminders benefit us all.

    Judy Stone-Goldman
    The Reflective Writer

    • Fiona Stolze says:

      Lovely to hear from you Judy. Yes, you do love questions, don’t you? Your presentation sounds exciting. As you say, we all really know deep down what to do, but whether or not we can allow ourselves to receive is another matter. It’s so important for us to keep reminding each other. Thanks for commenting.

  6. Grace Kelly says:

    Great writing, I have recently managed to start getting out of my own way to allow answers. This is a challenge living in London, but so worthwhile. I am not sure many coaches or therapists would like to promote listening to the self/inner voice however it is a mission I am on right now. To go within and get the answers.

    • Fiona Stolze says:

      Thanks for your comments and support Grace. Your challenge sounds great and it’s surely going to open some doors for you. Listening to your inner voice is one of the simplest and most powerful things we can do. xx

  7. This is so true! All we have to do is ask the question. I found that asking brings things into our lives and will bring more questions. It is a beautiful way of interacting with ourselves and consciously asking for more.

    Franziska San Pedro
    The Abstract Impressionist Paintress

    • Fiona Stolze says:

      Thanks Franziska. Yes, ask and ye shall receive. I so agree about interacting with ourselves. And it’s like peeling back the layers. The next question appears. I love your new tag line – links to the creative artist part of you.

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