Taking Full Responsiblity for Your Life

I love taking the opportunity to look honestly at my experiences and see what is really below the surface. Not get stuck in what is happening but see what the ‘message’ is, what I know is true underneath it all.

I used to always believe that what was happening was a direct measure of how much goodness or badness was flowing to me in my life. And so when I was having negative experiences despite having been calmed inside and feeling really connected with my innermost, it was unnerving and easy to believe that I had done something wrong.

mandala oracle cards fionastolze

I now know with certainty that only the innermost is important and reliable. And no matter what is going on around me, staying connected with that is the only thing to do and be. It takes a while for inner changes to manifest in the outer and so I can easily be deluded and distracted if I don’t maintain my focus on that true guiding light deep within.

I drew one of my mandala cards today РTake Complete Responsibility. And remember  that everything I see around me is a direct projection of what I am putting out there. This includes every word, every thought, every feeling I have of myself or others.

It’s also about taking responsibility for all the tiny details, putting everything in place and tidying up my act. There’s a big practical element to all this ‘spirituality’ and having a cleaned up back yard is part of it.

Wishing you a wonderful day come rain or shine.

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