Taking Care of Whoever’s In Our Care

How many of us are able to fully take care of whoever is in our care, from the heart? How many of us are truly capable of putting everything personal to one side and really taking care of someone who reaches out to us? Despite how we may be feeling within ourselves. And despite what we may be thinking about the other person.

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I recently had the opportunity to observe a scenario playing out between two friends. One had drawn the other into a situation that they actually didn’t want to be in. She now needed help to exit the space.  The friend who held the reins in their hand chose not to fully take steps to find a solution. And judgment arose around the person wanting to leave.

It’s so easy for all of us to step into spiritual arrogance. It’s never about what actually played out in the time leading up to this. It’s only ever about what is up, right now. How am I being asked to respond?

I think it’s fair to say that we all get drawn into these scenarios and get caught up in self-righteousness. We have an agenda and then, of course, things turn out differently because we actually can’t ever control another person. And the truth has a way of coming out no matter what.

fiona stolze blog spiritual guidance

So what do we do when we see that the other is in our care and needs us to do the right thing, from the heart? When we really know better?

I love that moment of taking a deep breath and eating humble pie. The full recognition that only love can win the day. I love that softness that permeates everything and how calm and clear my mind is. The way ahead is completely clear and I give from the heart, seeing that my preconceived ideas and judgment were completely meaningless.

I know that anything else is ultimately a story. If I try to cling onto anything less than this, then I am in a complete illusion. No matter how real my story appears to me. I love how love reveals this again and again to me.

Love comes and taps me on the shoulder and lovingly whispers the reminder in my ear. You are love. You know what to do.

fiona stolze blog spiritual guidance

I find it a beautiful reminder that, no matter how deeply cherished our hallowed beliefs are, they are ultimately still beliefs. And if we allow love free movement, they can be swept away in the twinkling of an eye to what lies deeper.

I love seeing all these daily reminders around me in my life. Seeing the reflection in others of what is actually going on in me. And I love taking the risk that absolutely everything can be swept away by the embrace of love.


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