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Sharing Our Wisdom With Each Other

I love the way that communication and sharing works in this world. Every single one of us is there to share wisdom with every one else if they are only open to hearing it at all times. And yet, thinking we know better and closed to this flow of wisdom, we often float on by, past some of the most amazing gems that could totally transform our world. But we missed it because we thought we knew best how to … Continue reading

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The Wisdom of Bamboo – Being a Channel for Spirit

Each day brings something new with it and yesterday was one of those days when I got up and just felt out of sync with myself and my world. And despite the fact that I had made a list of to-do’s, there was no way I was able to begin to bring focus to what I thought I should be doing. I began to frantically tidy up and then sort things out, putting bits and pieces into garbage bags, parting … Continue reading

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