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Raw Food is the Ultimate Fast Food

I’m so loving all the revelations that are flooding into my consciousness now that I’m moving forward with the raw food lifestyle. It was only a couple of days ago that it became clear to me that that I had discovered yet another benefit to leaving cooked food behind me. And this is what ‘clicked’: I can vividly remember how for many, many years I felt really down after a meal, not having the energy to get into the kitchen … Continue reading

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Aspergers, Autism and Co: Walking Your Talk

Last week we attended the first meeting in a series of five, run by the NAS in Bristol, aimed at supporting parents of teenage children who have been diagnosed as being on the autistic spectrum. Although our son has been assessed with what would be classed as mild Asperger’s, we were at first unsure of whether or not this course would be suitable for us. However, despite arriving late and not being able to find anywhere to park our car, … Continue reading

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