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Vibrational Energy Sounding Through the Cosmos

Isn’t it amazing to consider that everything in this universe is energy in motion. Nothing stands still. And when we make a sound, it continues to reverberate in the cosmos ad infinitum. Both the beautiful sounds of singing bowls and tingshas as well as all those words spoken in anger and rage. Vibrating into eternity. Share

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Colour Therapy: Wearing Blue Clothing (Part One)

Those of you who have been following my blog for a while will know that I have journeyed through some colours, looking at how their energy affects both you and those around you. Today we’re moving on to BLUE and to get the ball rolling I’ve made a small video for you on this topic. If you are any of these people I have mentioned here, then blue is definitely the colour for you. So what comes to mind when … Continue reading

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