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No-one Makes You do Anything – It’s all Your Choice

Yesterday evening I had a long chat with my youngest son. There had been a couple of days of him taking himself off for hours on end out of school and not coming home and the police had got involved. I spoke to him about the need for him to be in school and how we were compelled to provide full-time education for him until the age of 16. He told me that basically, we couldn’t make him do anything. … Continue reading

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Buying and Selling ‘Secrets’ to Make Millions – the Big Illusion

There’s never a day goes by without me finding a good handful of emails in my inbox from people claiming to be able to reveal secrets to me that will completely turn my life around and make me very rich. I can always tell them a mile away. I’ve got a sort of radar for them and they get deleted immediately and blasted off into the cyber wasteland. It never ceases to bring a smile to my face. In fact, … Continue reading

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What Do You Value Most in Your Life?

I was sitting thinking over the weekend about what I value in life and I could really see how what I think I want and what I truly want are two different things. Often in the past I have said I wanted a particular thing and took steps towards realising that goal, and yet things turned out differently. So why should that be? It’s because there’s an inner conflict somewhere between the things I am chasing after with my conscious … Continue reading

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Be Careful What You Ask For….You Might Just Get It (Part Two)

In Part One of this story I was looking at how we sometimes put things on our wishlist without taking enough care to ensure that we are precise in our instructions and then wonder why they manifest in the way they do. I just wanted to pick up that theme again and continue following some more thoughts that occurred to me. Whenever I am asking for something to manifest in my life, I make the point of asking that it … Continue reading

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What do You Really Value in Your Life? (Part two)

I talked to you in What do you really value in your life (part one) about how many people think they know what their values are but when you look at what they say and what they do, you get two completely different pictures. I looked at the example of someone saying they valued getting exercise. They think they highly value going to the gym but turning up once a week at the very most and often not even that, … Continue reading

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What do You Really Value in Your Life? (Part One)

It’s amazing how many people talk about values but really aren’t totally clear on what they mean by that. When you value something,  you hold it in high esteem and will make the time and space to prioritise it no matter what. And it’s quite interesting to ask someone what they think they value in their life. They may tell you all sorts of things but when you begin to look at their life under the magnifying glass, you get … Continue reading

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