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I am not my Thoughts – Transcending Identification with the Mind

Recently I have become very entangled with my thoughts and allowed myself to be in a lot of pain. I was walking through the streets a few days ago talking with someone about something that was occurring at that exact moment in my life. And as I told the story of the event, I could feel how my body was physically reacting.  I felt sickness in my stomach and my head was clouding over.  It felt like all my power … Continue reading

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Bringing Thoughts, Words and Actions into Alignment

I remember reading many years ago that it is very empowering to bring your thoughts, words and actions into alignment. At the time I read it, it struck me as quite a difficult thing to do and I immediately began to ponder on how I fitted the bill. I’ve always highly valued walking my talk and have never felt comfortable with advising someone else to do something I had never done or wouldn’t be prepared to do. And as you … Continue reading

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