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Room with a View – Heart Blossoming

This is truly a room with a view. Such an amazing explosion of blossoms in such a wonderful range of colours. Hues from soft pinks, peaches, warming yellows to soft sky blues and lilacs. A wonder of nature that always surprises and delights me. I love peeping out of the window to see this extravaganza. A gift that came with this house we moved into 7 months ago. And it’s such fun to look out through the top pane to … Continue reading

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Total Surrender – Let in All Your Experiences

Don’t pretend that it’s okay to just focus on the ‘good things’ that are happening in your life. Surrendering is about letting it all in. Just exactly as it is. Without trying to change anything. So you have a ‘bad day’. Let it in. And then there’s a ‘good day’. No difference. Let it in. Keep letting it all in. Your life is just unfolding. So let it get on with things. You don’t need to try and change anything. … Continue reading

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Spiritual Surrender – Being on Track

Recently life has made a huge turnaround. I’m feeling more and more a real sense of surrender. Suddenly I no longer have the need to run after things and get them done. There is a great sense of harmony and yet excitement and anticipation underlying every moment. I know deep down that I am being led forward, step by step and all I need to do is respond with joy and passion. As I step into place, I feel my … Continue reading

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When the Universe Decides to Make a Change of Plans…

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pJo9tTg9t6k I am continuing to work through my 30 day writing challenge and gaining many new insights along the way. And every time I start to make some ground and make decisions to focus and move forward, things seem to take a  different direction. And I know that every detour, every seeming distraction has significance for my spiritual journey. I’m seeing more and more that I have very little control over my life, despite the fact that I like to … Continue reading

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