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Living the Raw Food Lifestyle – How to Make a Fruit Juice for Breakfast

It seems like forever since we started the raw food lifestyle and it’s a constant learning process. Every day something new is unfolding and revealing itself to us. Often when I’m talking to people about it they say: ‘Hey, so tell me, what do you actually eat on a daily basis?’ It’s quite funny when I realise that they think I’m living off raw carrot sticks and drinking cold water. Brrrrr…. the truth is far from that. And so I … Continue reading

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The Risks of Following the Raw Food Lifestyle

You’ve heard the saying: When the WHY is big enough, the HOW’s look after themselves. Well, following the raw food lifestyle is certainly no exception and indeed, this is vital to the whole process. I really am loving being asked questions every time I meet people and am so enjoying being able to respond and share my process. As I have said so many times, this whole journey is mine and I do not advocate that any of you stop … Continue reading

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Raw Food is the Ultimate Fast Food

I’m so loving all the revelations that are flooding into my consciousness now that I’m moving forward with the raw food lifestyle. It was only a couple of days ago that it became clear to me that that I had discovered yet another benefit to leaving cooked food behind me. And this is what ‘clicked’: I can vividly remember how for many, many years I felt really down after a meal, not having the energy to get into the kitchen … Continue reading

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Living the Raw Food Lifestyle – A Little of What You Fancy Goes a Long Way

I was thinking about how I used to plan my days and my meals when I was eating cooked food. My thoughts rotated around what would be the main focus and then what carbs and veggies went with it. Because you had to have your carbs, right? Either rice, pasta, potatoes or grains of some sort. And my mind always told me how important it was to get a big portion of these into me so that my meal had … Continue reading

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Following a Raw Food Diet- Always Follow Your Gut Instinct

One of the biggest things that I’m learning on this raw food journey is to slow down and really tune into what I would love to nourish myself with. Because if I am eating the things I love, the whole process is massively simplified. I’m going to share with you what I’ve been finding out. If I just eat things that I think would be good for me, I reduce this whole thing to a  mental exercise and my body … Continue reading

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The Ecstasy of Following a Raw Food Diet

For those of you who don’t yet know, I’ve been following a raw food diet for two whole weeks now. It all began when we attended the amazing spiritual bootcamp led by Genesis Sunfire and were challenged, after starting a full body salt water flush, to change our diet to a more healthy way of living. And so we started the journey. It’s been a total rollercoaster since day one and now, two weeks down the road, there are really … Continue reading

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Flipping Tractor Tyres – Releasing the Superhuman Within: Spiritual Bootcamp

I attended a weekend where we challenged our beliefs about our strength and abilities and really had a chance to go well beyond them. On the second day we were introduced to the tractor tyres. Our facilatator said they weighed 125 lbs although I wasn’t really sure about that… One thing that hit me immediately was that I weighed only 112 lbs. My mind began to tell me in no uncertain terms that there was a  slight issue here. So … Continue reading

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Spiritual Surrender – Being on Track

Recently life has made a huge turnaround. I’m feeling more and more a real sense of surrender. Suddenly I no longer have the need to run after things and get them done. There is a great sense of harmony and yet excitement and anticipation underlying every moment. I know deep down that I am being led forward, step by step and all I need to do is respond with joy and passion. As I step into place, I feel my … Continue reading

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Seeing Yourself Through the Eyes of Others

So often in life we are totally unable to see and hear ourselves. Yes, most of us can look in the mirror and see the reflection or hear our voice as we speak to others. But I’m talking about hearing and seeing on a much deeper level. How much of what we say is uttered without us giving so much as a second thought to what we’ve said. And how much of what we do is simply done without any … Continue reading

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Meet my Latest Mandala Silk Painting – Om Mani Padme Hum

This evening I just completed my latest mandala painting. I actually started work on it many months ago but stopped about half way through and just waited until the inspiration came to continue. It’s often that way with my artwork. I only start to paint when I feel moved to do so. It’s a spiritual journey exploring the divine through colour and shape. And when I do, I love to get my studio all cosy. First of all I select … Continue reading

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