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Change Your Mind and Follow Your Heart

Today was one of those days. I had things lined up and was working on various projects and smaller tasks. The sun was streaming down and so I took my laptop out into the garden to enjoy the warmth and fresh air. Mmmm…I so loved that. The butterflies were fluttering around me. Busy little bees were flitting in and out of the open blossoms in the garden. The flowers and bushes were gently bobbing in the soft breeze. And believe … Continue reading

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Staying in the Present Moment

How much of your day do you spend not present with yourself? Today I was inspired to bring focus to the power inherent in being in the now instead of lost in either the past or future. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PprsD78fo8E This is the main focus of my life and I know when I slow down and bring my whole awareness to the present with every cell of my being, I tap into something so huge, so empowering. And nothing else matters. Nothing … Continue reading

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Being a Catalyst in Other People’s Lives

Just by being yourself you can bring about so much change in your world. You don’t have to consciously seek to do things that you think might help. Simply being true to yourself and living your joy is such a powerful way of touching other people’s lives. Inspiration comes from being authentic and allowing your heart to sing. It is so contagious. Originally inspire comes from the Latin – inspirare – which means to breathe into. And the English word … Continue reading

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How Quickly Does Manifesting Work?

I’ve always been a firm believer in the power of manifestation and that if we are truly in alignment with our soul purpose, then things really begin to shift in a magical way. It’s sometimes quite surprising how quickly things move when we tune into our higher purpose and there seems to be only a short timelapse between us consciously asking for something and its appearance in our lives. But are we always able to recognise that the things we … Continue reading

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Be Careful What You Ask For….You Might Just Get It (Part Two)

In Part One of this story I was looking at how we sometimes put things on our wishlist without taking enough care to ensure that we are precise in our instructions and then wonder why they manifest in the way they do. I just wanted to pick up that theme again and continue following some more thoughts that occurred to me. Whenever I am asking for something to manifest in my life, I make the point of asking that it … Continue reading

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The Answer’s Already There in the Question

Were you aware that the minute you ask a question, you already have the answer? That it is already there in some form and all you have to do is change your perception to be able to see it fully? Otherwise you wouldn’t even be able to ask the question in the first place. How often have you found the solution to your question and then said that the answer was staring you in the face all along. Everything in … Continue reading

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