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Allowing Divine Intervention to Bring the Solution You are Seeking

I keep getting reminded of how, no matter what I many think, I am simply not in charge in my life. When I recognise that higher power, the Source, God, or whatever you feel most comfortable with, allows the free flow of abundance. When I remember to get out of my own way and ask for help, that’s when the magic really happens. I wanted to share with you how I experienced this a few days ago. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8cmc2SoxsOA I’d love … Continue reading

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Be Careful What You Ask For….You Might Just Get It (Part Two)

In Part One of this story I was looking at how we sometimes put things on our wishlist without taking enough care to ensure that we are precise in our instructions and then wonder why they manifest in the way they do. I just wanted to pick up that theme again and continue following some more thoughts that occurred to me. Whenever I am asking for something to manifest in my life, I make the point of asking that it … Continue reading

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Giving up the Struggle and Connecting with Source

I’ve been inspired to write this post by my experiences of having the flu for the past two weeks. It was the first time ever and I must admit, I got quite a shock at the severity of it because I always thought it was just a bad cold. Not so. I think the most difficult part to deal with was the coming and going of the flu symptoms and each time I thought things were beginning to improve, the … Continue reading

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