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Not Giving Up at Five Minutes to Midnight

How often have you felt like giving up, feeling you can’t take it any more and the reality is that you are just 5 minutes away from a huge breakthrough? I know I’ve been in that space. And the hard bit about it all is that we don’t know how close we actually are to where we want to be. We might as well be miles away. And yet, very often that’s not the case. It almost seems like the … Continue reading

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Some Challenge is Good but Overchallenge Brings Chaos

I am a firm believer that having challenge in our lives is healthy and helps us to stretch and grow. Without it everything would certainly become stagnant and we would just rest on our laurels taking everything for granted. It’s amazing how we tend to welcome and prefer those people, situations and things that are in agreement with who we are and what we do but walk away from or close our eyes to those we feel uncomfortable or even … Continue reading

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