Silk Painting and Fluorescent Dyes

I received my first samples of fluorescent dyes quite a while back from a lovely silk painter colleague of mine, Don Baker, and I must admit that they got put on the shelf with fabulous intentions…. It was only recently when someone shared a really vibrant photo on Facebook that looked luminous that Don suggested I have a go painting something similar with the dyes. That was my challenge which I took immediately. So after buying some distilled water, I … Continue reading

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How to Have Fun with Soya Wax and Silk Painting (Part 2)

I’m going to be sharing with you the remainder of the process I started in my first post ‘How to Have Fun with Soya Wax and Silk Painting (Part 1)’. I began a wall hanging which I had decided to create doing a base coat of orange and pink hues with Himalayan salt sprinkled on them. And on top of that I painted a soya wax pattern which I then filled in with a dark purplish mixture, creating a dark … Continue reading

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Silk Painting – How to Use Your Microwave to Revamp a Pair of Boxershorts

Okay, let’s get the legal stuff out of the way. I don’t recommend you use the same microwave for dying fabrics that you use to warm up food in even if the dishes are completely covered up because you never know what any sneaky little particles might manage to do. Right, on with what this article is really about. Recently a pair of my eldest son’s silk boxer shorts managed to find their way into the regular wash with t-shirts … Continue reading

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Silk Painting – How to Use a Tjanting with Soya Wax as a Resist

A tjanting is this amazing little tool you can see in the photo below and it is used traditionally in Indonesia to create beautiful patterns on fabric using melted wax. Some of you will know that I treated myself to a tjanting a few weeks ago after eyeing them for a while. And the bottom line is that I’m so glad I did as I love it! So I’m going to share with you how I went about using it … Continue reading

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How to Have Fun with Soya Wax and Silk Painting (Part 1)

I’ve been working now for a while on my latest silk painting project which is actually the largest one I have created so far. I bought some pretty embroidered silk a few years ago in a delicate salmon pink shade and was keeping it for something special. You know the sort of thing – you just keep holding on to it and never get round to using it. At the time I had bought many metres of this fabric and … Continue reading

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Mandalas, Himalayan Rock Salt and Soya Wax

Mmm….so what do the above have in common? The easy answer to that is that they all feature in my latest silk painting. And this blog post shares with you how I put it all together. This time I created an undercoat by painting a spiral pattern on my silk satin using various tones of fuchsia, orange and pink and while the dyes were still wet I sprinkled a liberal helping of Himalayan rock salt onto my painting. I removed … Continue reading

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How to Paint a Silk Scarf Using Soya Wax

I’ve been having quite a bit of fun recently exploring soya wax again. Last week I painted a pink scarf with lotus motifs on it, using two layers of dye and soya. In the meantime it has been steamed but I haven’t had the opportunity to photograph it by daylight and catch the right shade of pink. So watch out for that appearing in the next day or so. Yesterday and today I’ve been working on a square silk crepe … Continue reading

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Taking my Silks out of the Silk Steamer

The whole process of painting on silk is an amazing meditation but there’s always a really magical moment when I lift the package with my silks out of the steamer after they’ve been hanging in there for 3 hours. I roll them up beforehand in paper around a long pole and suspend that in a long horizontal metal steamer with water in the bottom.  Then I set the thermostat and  let them cook for 3 hours in their beauty sauna. … Continue reading

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Hand Painted Silk Scarves and Laney DeJesus’s Home-Made Fudges

I’m about to get started on painting a silk scarf for a lovely friend of mine who is doing a wonderful barter with me. You see, she creates the most delicious home made fudges with all sorts of mind-blowing ingredients that are guaranteed to give you a high just thinking about them. Delicious liqueurs, chocolates, fruits, nuts, spices…… Her name is Laney DeJesus and you can visit her fabulous Facebook page here –Chocolate Moose Fudge. Make sure you ask to … Continue reading

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Sacral Chakra – a Silk Painting Workshop in Bristol

It’s been a while since I hosted a silk painting workshop in Bristol and so have decided to offer another one next month. We’ll be  creating a beautiful feminine silk cushion cover which enhances our sacral/sacred energy centre. We will do some meditation and tuning into our creativity, sensuality and sexuality in order to let the colours and energy come to free flow and expression. I will teach you some silk painting techniques and offer some motifs that you can … Continue reading

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