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Passionate About Silk and Art and Colour

Yesterday evening the setting sun was lighting the back wall in my bedroom up beautifully. I had hung one or two pieces of clothing against the cupboard door and noted how pretty the colours looked together. So I went up to the attic and got my camera down and started to take a few shots. These are some of the latest silks I’ve painted and I noticed what a predominance of pinks and oranges there is in my work at … Continue reading

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Golden Orb Spider Silk Fabric

I just had to share this photo with you that I found in an article in Wired Science, September 2009. It’s the world’s only piece of golden fabric spun from the silk gleaned from large golden orb silk spiders in Madagascar. Stunning isn’t it and all the more so when you read some statistics linked with its making – the silk from over 1 million wild spiders in Madagascar went into it 70 people spent 4 years collecting them (the … Continue reading

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