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Spiritual Guidance through Mandala Art

Many years ago I was drawn through a series of synchronicities to a workshop on creating mandalas. It was one of those situations where I just responded to the little voice in my head and signed up. That was 13 years ago and if you have seen any of my silk mandala art, you will know that my experience on that day opened up a whole new creative path for me, one that continues to this day. My home is … Continue reading

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Making the Change – Upgrading to a Private Server

Well, after a long period of intending to do it, it’s finally happened. Today I have managed to make the transition from WordPress.com to WordPress.org and it has certainly been a process full of surprises. But making changes is always exciting. And especially upgrading. I spent the last few days ironing out glitsches that were popping up all over the place and regrouping all the work I had done so far, creating new categories more in alignment with what I … Continue reading

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Time for Change – Heralding in the New

When the New Moon arrives, it’s the perfect time for heralding in the new. Time for releasing the old with gratitude and welcoming new projects. Definitely a time for taking a step in the direction you want to move in. And that is exactly what has been happening today, with the new moon. I stood and watched the sun setting from the lounge window. It was a flaming, vibrant orb, almost like wet dye on one of my silk paintings. … Continue reading

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