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How to Have Fun with Soya Wax and Silk Painting (Part 2)

I’m going to be sharing with you the remainder of the process I started in my first post ‘How to Have Fun with Soya Wax and Silk Painting (Part 1)’. I began a wall hanging which I had decided to create doing a base coat of orange and pink hues with Himalayan salt sprinkled on them. And on top of that I painted a soya wax pattern which I then filled in with a dark purplish mixture, creating a dark … Continue reading

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How to do Silk Painting – Salt Technique

Some of the detailed pieces I have painted on silk over the years have required a steady hand and a bit of know-how as well as lots of patience and good-will. But we all start somewhere and I am certainly no exception. I remember when I first taught myself to paint on silk many years ago how I was absolutely mesmerised at seeing the salt technique in action. This video shows you the technique in some detail: I have found … Continue reading

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