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More Tasty Raw Chocolate Snacks

I’ve been sharing some more details about how to make one of my raw chocolate snacks. I always love to have something at hand to munch on inbetween while I am busy doing other things. And of course, it’s lovely to know that what I’m eating is such a healthy option, sustainable as well as being really tasty. So here’s the link. The lowdown is over on one of my other sites, That’s Rawsome. If you try them out yourself, … Continue reading

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Raw Food and How to Make Marzipan Treats

I posted a photo of some tasty little treats I made recently and some of you commented on how tasty they looked and asked if you could have the recipe. Yes, of course you can. I scour the net and then pick up ideas and play with them, adapting them to my taste and preference. As you probably know, I now follow the raw food lifestyle and so am very open to all sorts of delicacies I can eat that … Continue reading

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Raw Cacao Versus Commercial Chocolate – Sorry, No Contest!

Whilst transitioning to the raw food lifestyle, I have been exploring all the different options there are for having indulgences whilst still eating really healthily. As I mentioned in my last blog post, I was never a real chocolate fan, but my research has led to the discovery of how sustainable raw cacao powder is as part of this new way of eating. There are very many purists who will argue that eating raw cacao is not really in keeping … Continue reading

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