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Saying Thank You to the People Who Trigger You

We’re all the same, aren’t we? We find it easy to be comfortable with and like those people who make life easy for us and agree with what we’re doing in life. On the other hand we tend to go quickly into defence mode with those people who aren’t really saying what we want to hear. I just caught myself yesterday feeling a bit miffed at what someone had said to me and then caught myself. Remembering that my whole … Continue reading

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Making Assumptions Gets in the Way of Everything

I was just reminded this morning of how it is when we jump the gun and make assumptions about a person or situation. It’s so easy to just make that leap, cut out the middle work and think that you know what is going on, and make a judgment. It was a sobering moment when something I said with good intention was misunderstood. An assumption was made. So I moved into direct communication, grabbed the phone and cleared it up … Continue reading

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