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Watching the Day Coming to a Close

I was scurrying around, seeing to many small jobs and generally tidying up and creating space. We moved house not so long ago and we spend a portion of each day, seeing to things that really need seeing to. There’s still a lot to tend to. And I was just thinking about how much we had actually shifted. How much we had cleared out to make space for what was to stay. I was walking down the path to the … Continue reading

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Spiritual Surrender – Being on Track

Recently life has made a huge turnaround. I’m feeling more and more a real sense of surrender. Suddenly I no longer have the need to run after things and get them done. There is a great sense of harmony and yet excitement and anticipation underlying every moment. I know deep down that I am being led forward, step by step and all I need to do is respond with joy and passion. As I step into place, I feel my … Continue reading

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Taking my Silks out of the Silk Steamer

The whole process of painting on silk is an amazing meditation but there’s always a really magical moment when I lift the package with my silks out of the steamer after they’ve been hanging in there for 3 hours. I roll them up beforehand in paper around a long pole and suspend that in a long horizontal metal steamer with water in the bottom.  Then I set the thermostat and  let them cook for 3 hours in their beauty sauna. … Continue reading

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Staying in the Present Moment

How much of your day do you spend not present with yourself? Today I was inspired to bring focus to the power inherent in being in the now instead of lost in either the past or future. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PprsD78fo8E This is the main focus of my life and I know when I slow down and bring my whole awareness to the present with every cell of my being, I tap into something so huge, so empowering. And nothing else matters. Nothing … Continue reading

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Do You Think You Can Selectively Close Your Heart?

It was quite amazing for me when I first realised the implications of closing myself down in any way to another person. I used to happily think that I could be kind and loving to those people it felt safe and supportive to be with and yet spurn those who were challenging me in any way. I thought it was okay to just pick and choose who I shared my love and acceptance with. But when the realisation trickled into … Continue reading

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How to Find Inner Peace in Your Heart

If you’re at all like most people on this planet, there will be times where you feel that you’ve lost all connection and can’t see your way ahead with clarity. And when we lose that clarity, our mind is taking over, clouding our vision and creating the illusion that it has power over us. But when you stop to still the chatter and bring your awareness to your heart, it is there that you make the discovery that all is … Continue reading

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Meeting Spirit to Spirit – Edie O’Reilly Shares the Benefits of Ayurveda

A few years ago I had the great pleasure of meeting Ayurvedic specialist Edie O’Reilly in Dublin. I  was in need of some support and wisdom for my health and so began a journey of delving into the Ayurvedic teachings regarding food and body treatments. I have Edie here to give you some understanding of what her work is all about – Hi Edie, thanks for taking the time to talk to us about your work. You describe yourself as … Continue reading

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Meeting Your Fears Face to Face

I’d like to invite you to watch this video in its entirety. I love Gangaji’s presence. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JsaTXtfrbnI I watched this video a few days ago and was hugely inspired by Gangaji’s words. She spoke of things that deeply resonated with me. The recognition that I’m running from something I can’t escape from because it is an aspect of myself. And always holding the intention to tell the truth. Giving up the illusion is so freeing. Are you willing to look … Continue reading

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I am not my Thoughts – Transcending Identification with the Mind

Recently I have become very entangled with my thoughts and allowed myself to be in a lot of pain. I was walking through the streets a few days ago talking with someone about something that was occurring at that exact moment in my life. And as I told the story of the event, I could feel how my body was physically reacting.  I felt sickness in my stomach and my head was clouding over.  It felt like all my power … Continue reading

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The Beginner’s Guide to Meditation

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dFajJ5ndTp0 If you’re a beginner, I hope that watching this video has answered any questions you might have had about getting started with meditation. I’ve had this spiritual practice in my life for many years now and it’s really not something I want to have to miss out on at all. The benefits that you can reap from doing this regularly touch on all areas of life and can have spin-off effects that translate into success in work, leisure, family … Continue reading

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