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The Breath of Fire – How Kundalini Yoga Breathing Can Revitalise You

I first attended a kundalini yoga class in Bristol 9 months ago and was really intrigued as to how it was going to be as I had heard so much about it from various people. It was a yoga form that was supposed to be perfect for bringing suppleness into the spine and nurturing and strengthening the nervous system. Some of you might remember the post I wrote about this a few months ago – Awakening Through Kundalini Yoga. I … Continue reading

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Go There with Your Mind and the Body Follows

Those of you who do yoga will know that we each find some exercises easier to do than others. This evening we were doing both spinal rolls as well as the opposite, rocking on our tummies, with our knees bent and holding onto our ankles with heads held high. Everyone started out with full energy but began to flag as the minutes tick by. It was at that point that our kundalini yoga instructor, Mark Keane, whom you met in … Continue reading

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Meeting Spirit to Spirit – Awakening through Kundalini Yoga with Mark Keane in Bristol

Hi Mark, I’m really thrilled that you agreed to do this interview today. For those of you who don’t know Mark, I attend kundalini yoga lessons he runs weekly in Bristol and I thought that it would be great if you got to know him too. So to get started I’d really love you to tell us in your own words who you are and what you do. Hi Fiona, thank you very much for inviting me here. Yes my … Continue reading

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