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Mandala Painting Competitions – March 2011

I got lots of lovely feedback after I ran a competition in January asking you to print out and paint one of my mandalas on silk, giving it your own interpretation. So thank you very much for that. It did become clear that a few of you had somehow missed the announcement and were looking forward to taking part in the next one. Therefore I’m attaching this announcement to a new blog post so that it will get circulated a … Continue reading

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Silk Painting Competition – Paint a Mandala

This blog post is all about having a bit of fun and having the chance to get a nice reward for it into the bargain. And that can’t be bad. So here’s what I want you to do. I’m publishing here one of my mandala templates. In fact I published this in my newsletter quite a few months back but I decided that these templates would be of more use if I published them directly online for everyone to access. … Continue reading

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Buying Silk Painting Supplies at Low Cost

I recently posted an article about how to do silk painting on a shoe-string budget and not long after that a friend asked for some help on how cheap this whole thing can be. Well, I had a look into this and came to the conclusion that you really can do it for very little money if you are prepared to just start with the absolute basics and not invest in lots of fancy equipment. Why spend a lot if … Continue reading

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Mandala Friends' Gallery – January 2010

Welcome to the Mandala Friends Gallery, January 2010. For some background information on what this is about, please have a look at the Mandala Friends page. Here are the entries that were submitted this month. They are from 3 school boys who attend the State Middle School for Boys in beautiful Lindau down at Lake Constance (Bodensee) in the south of Germany. Their names are Pascal, Nico and Markus, and they are in class 6b. Their teacher is Nicole Schielin. … Continue reading

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