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Integrity of Word

It’s important to realise that everything we express, whether in words or actions or other means, takes form in reality – indelibly, like an ink stamp. So it’s really important to bring awareness to what we are saying in every moment. Words mindlessly spillt out into the ether are touching, forming, changing…everything they encounter both directly and indirectly. And it’s important to be aware of where the words are coming from. Are they spewing out of a sewage canal filled … Continue reading

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The Blossoming of Newness

Spring is blossoming and I’m enjoying noticing how things are gradually changing in my life. Newness is creeping in from all corners, subtly, but definitely there. The things that are opening up for me are changing. My thoughts are becoming different. And I’m ready to step into things I was closed to before, seeing that there never was an obstacle… The challenges are still there in abundance but I really have this sea of calm within that I can rest … Continue reading

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Dance with Life

So important to just dance with life. Get still enough to hear the beat and then move with it. No judgment about it, just taking the next step as it comes. Let it lead you. Be guided. With love. Share

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Moving to the Deeper Truth Within

For many years now I have worked with cards, helping others, giving guidance where asked and sharing my intuitive gifts. Today as I sit here and contemplate, I know deep in my heart that the focus is about to change. I know that what I have been given glimpses and deeper insights into needs to be shared with those I come in contact with. And this means coming off the fence more and more. It means moving away from what … Continue reading

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Silk Painting Techniques with Special Effects Brushes

Every now and then I like to post photos of the various tools and pieces of equipment I have on my Facebook PageĀ  for Silkandart. Just recently I posted a photo of a 5 pronged brush I had bought a while back and most people recognised it but not many had used it. Someone asked me to share some ideas of how to use it and so today I took the challenge. One thing I wanted to mention first is … Continue reading

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Going With the Flow

So often I sit down and make lists of things I want to get done each day but then in the midst of things the energy changes. It’s as if my intuition were giving me a large tap on the shoulder and saying – Hey, pay attention to this. Drop everything else and just follow. I find that this serves me so well. Today I was on a roll. I was working through my ‘to-do’s’ and suddenly everything was telling … Continue reading

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Being a Catalyst in Other People’s Lives

Just by being yourself you can bring about so much change in your world. You don’t have to consciously seek to do things that you think might help. Simply being true to yourself and living your joy is such a powerful way of touching other people’s lives. Inspiration comes from being authentic and allowing your heart to sing. It is so contagious. Originally inspire comes from the Latin – inspirare – which means to breathe into. And the English word … Continue reading

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Take Action and Make it Happen

Everything begins life as a thought. All those amazing ideas we give birth to that float around in the ether are just waiting there, in seed form, not knowing whether or not we’re going to take them all the way. And indeed, many of them will remain there. In fact, the vast majority of them do. How many times have you been completely relaxed in a total right-brain, creative space and suddenly you’ve had the most amazing idea? One that … Continue reading

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You can commission me to paint a wide selection of artwork for you. So here are some of the services I offer: (1) INDIVIDUALISED MANDALAS: I offer a special service of creating your own individual mandala on silk. This personalised mandala painting serves as a strong focal point in your home or workspace, depending on where you choose to hang it. The mandala is implemented in many forms of therapy to enable the client to find an easy way of … Continue reading

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